Shopping Malls In Barra

Shopping Malls In Barra
The neighborhood of Barra is home to many fancy, modern and mega-malls, the most notable being the BarraShopping (the largest mall in South America with nearly 700 stores, restaurants, cinemas and bowling), the New York City Center, the Rio Design Barra and the 'Downtown'.
There is still a new shopping under construction, the Village Mall, it will be the most exclusive and luxury shopping in Rio de Janeiro. List of the most important malls:
  • BarraShopping (Avenue of the Americas)
  • New York City Center (Avenue of the Americas)
  • Rio Design (Avenue of the Americas)
  • Downtown (Avenue of the Americas)
  • Via Parque Shopping (Ayrton Senna Avenue)
  • Cittá América (Avenue of the Americas)
  • Casa Shopping (Ayrton Senna Avenue)
  • Barra Square (Avenue of the Americas)
  • Barra Garden (Avenue of the Americas)
  • Barra Point (Armando Lombardi's Avenue)
  • Barra World (Avenue of the Americas)