Lifestyle In Barra

Lifestyle In Barra
As the most recent region, built only about thirty years ago, Barra introduced a new concept of life in the country. 
A concept characterized by big luxury condominiums with an incredible leisure infrastructure (sports courts, pools, private groves and lakes, spas, gyms), all of that inside of the condominium for the use of its residents and guests. The "neighborhood-condos" as they were named have the idea of creating an exclusive neighborhood for its residents, making it possible for them to live a complete life without the need to leave the condominium. Beyond the whole entertainment offered, the condos also have a high security system to ensure the privacy and safety of its residents. The residential areas of Barra are also known as environmentally friendly.
The region is characterized by a car-culture, and is crossed by three main routes: the Avenue of the Americas - "Avenida das Américas" (main road in the region; it has approximately 40 km), "Avenida Ayrton Senna" (which connects the district of Barra and the Yellow Line, or 'Linha Amarela' highway) and "Avenida Lúcio Costa," formerly Sernambetiba Avenue, along the coast.
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