Barra da Tijuca

“An awful place”

Completely without any life, just a long road with condos and concrete, shopping malls and uninteresting stores. The beach is pretty nice, but that's it. Getting to and from Barra is awful, traffic is always a problem. none of the life-style that exists in the rest of Rio de Janeiro exists is barra, it's like a bad imitation of Miami mixed with New Jersey (with fewer nice cars).

Posted: 18:33 - July 01, 2012  by: Nico_bigollo

“So, so...”

Barra da Tijuca is a long and wonderful open ocean beach. The neighborhood offers a Miami-like style of life for those eagger to enjoy a kind of second class, fake American style of life. I don't know what a visitor would enjoy here after leaving the sand and a comfortable hotel behind. Public transportation is weak. There are good restaurants, though.

Posted: 18:32 - July 01, 2012  by: impressionniste

“Beautiful beaches. Miami style.”

The architecture looks just like Miami. But the beaches are way better. The shopping malls not so large as Florida's. But the bikinis are so much smaller... My advice: forget the malls, get a good camera, a funny hat, some efficient sunscreen, a pair of Havaianas rubber sandals. And go walk on the sand, stop to appreciate the "landscape". Drink a couple of caipirinhas, a lot of coconut water. And have one of your best days in Rio.

Posted: 18:31 - July 01, 2012  by: rpdiehl

“Go to Miami instead”

Why visit Barra? It is a Miami-lookalike, but only if you look from a distance. Looking closely, it is a third world strip mall neighborhood with very bad architecture and no city planning at all. Only the beach in the area is worth a visit. Also forget the malls. Brazil is too expensive to shop.

Posted: 18:30 - July 01, 2012  by: brazilianwanderlust


Was here in 2006 and thought it was nice. Great beach, shopping and nightlife. Now the beach is still nice, the street is packed with cars, the pavement is filled with fancy cars for sale, construction everywhere, expensive shoppingmalls and the nightlife I don't know. If price don't matter You will get most of what You want in Barra Shopping. Otherwise, there is not much of interest there.

Posted: 18:27 - July 01, 2012  by: KarlXII

“Worth the trip!”

Ipanema and Leblon are beautiful parts of Rio but a little too crowded. BArra da Tijuca, though a bit off the path, has it all: beautiful beaches, amazing shopping options and on week days less crowded than the other regions. But be aware: avoid rush hours, the transit is chaotic!

Posted: 18:26 - July 01, 2012  by: WDW11

“Thongs Everywhere!!!”

Rio has many beaches, each with is charm...I spent a day at Barra da Tijuca, and loved it. It was such a unique beach experience. The sand is so soft and crystallized. The water is ohhh so cold, but amazingly clean. The water is very cold, but once you get in, your body will get used to it...And, the best part about it is that when you come out, you won't feel cold because the outside air is warmer than the water...There is no seaweed...AT ALL!!! The beach is clean and everyone is there to have a good time. Going to the beach is as much a part of Brazilian culture as Samba and Soccer...Go mingle with the Cariocas...They are so welcoming and nice. People are constatntly walking by seeling food (corn, shrimp, grilled cheese, beer)...Everyone is wearing a thong...No matter how much they weigh or how toned they are...Everyone is wearing a thong...And that is such a liberating thing to watch...Wear plenty of sunblock because one hour in that heat will be enough to burn you for a whole week. It was wonderful...All of Rio's beaches are equally packed on the weekends...My suggestion...Pick a different one each day...It was awesome...

Posted: 18:24 - July 01, 2012  by: angelface52786

“Not Really Rio, But Great Beach”

Barra is to Rio more or less what Miami Beach is to Miami. When Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes where singing about the Girl from Ipanema, in the mid-60s, Barra was a vast expanse of untouched beach, sand dunes, shrub and lagoons. Today Barra has Brazil's greatest concentration of shopping malls, supermarkets, not to mention central Rio's longest beach (8 kilometres). What started as a planned neighbourhood with strict limits on building height (as witnessed in the first part of Barra), gave way to large apartment blocks along the sea front (condominiums). Barra may be gentrified, and will not quite feel like you're in Rio. It may lack character, but it's still quite a nice part of town. Most "nouveau riche" people live in Barra, including footballers, soap opera stars and the like. The reasons to visit Barra are the following: 1- Striking scenery: the drive to Barra is very scenic, especially as you cross the last tunnel and finally reach Barra. 2- The beach is the cleanest in Rio (Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon are often polluted) and seldom gets overcrowded. The area around Pepe's beach shack (a hang glider who died in a competition) has some of the best-looking people hanging out. 3- There are some nice bars, restaurants and if the weather is bad, you can spend the day at BarraShopping mall. 4- Barra is one of the safest areas of Rio. Whether you can dedicate time to visiting Barra depends on how long you'll be spending in Rio. If at least 4 full days, you can definitely use one day to have a look around. Hotels here are cheaper than Ipanema or Copacabana, and if you're spending a week in Rio and just want to chill on the last 2 days, it might be worth checking into (in order, from nicest to more basic) the Sheraton, Windsor or the Praia Linda hotels.

Posted: 18:23 - July 01, 2012  by: rafkam

“I Go for a couple of week training at thé...”

I Go for a couple of week training at thé gracie barra in bjjitsu each year, it's a californien way of Life over there with best exotic fruits, beautifull girls and beach not so far from CopaCabana, safe and people are very kind but lasy to speak something else than their local easy carioca portuguese

Posted: 18:22 - July 01, 2012  by: Bendobrazil

“barra da tijuca beach”

I had been for a week at this place.Although is didn't stay in a hotel or visit many of the tourist sites but still had a blast with my friends. The view is just amazing and you avoid the hassles of the general tourist spots, not to mention it's free. You could also see many number of monkeys here while traveling through the island. Its necessary to mention that we had a wonderful experience there.

Posted: 18:21 - July 01, 2012  by: SandraThomas087


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