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Hey all, I've lived in Barra since 1984 when I was about 6 years old (I'm 31 today), then in 1995 I moved to Houston, TX, then I came back to Barra in 2004. I love the place and can't imagine living anywhere else in Rio. The article is a bit dated, but still pretty nice. Gameworks closed shop a long time ago, there's no monorail at Barrashopping (I never heard of it ever having one), and Citta America has a kick ass gym. If anyone (girls!) wants to do some sightseeing (Carnival coming up!!!!), going to the beach, and the best night clubs, eating some nice food (oh, I hate milk too), and have lots of fun, let me know. rodrigorajao @ g m a i l .com I'm no tourist guide, though, just a guy trying to enjoy life and have some fun!!!!!!

Posted: 19:00 - July 01, 2012  by: Rod

"I loved Barra like I loved Gavea, Parati and Teresopolis"

I lived in Rio in 1967-68 when it was still the capital. I was a kid going to the Lycee Francais. I was a member of the Country Club and I would always go to Ipanema (I hated Copacaba but I use to do laps in the swimming pool of the Palace) but it was a real treat to go Barra with a girl friend because at that time it was unbuilt and you could speed and you had the beach for yourself. It was exhilarating to go to Barra. It was a place to take your girl friend to be alone. I never understood why they moved the capital to Brasilia, a soulless communist looking town. The heart of Brazil is and will always be in Rio.

Posted: 18:59 - July 01, 2012  by: Grosse Fatigue

"Barra and me"

Man, I work in Barra da Tijuca for 6 years now and have gone everywhere through the neighborhood. Barra is seemingly a place for the ones that love places like Miami. I have been talking to some north american people that are originally from Miami and they always tell me they loved Barra because it reminds them home. Personally I could truly live without Barra, but that's nice, 'cause most of the people that love Barra are typically boring to my lifestyle, so it always a good idea to have a place for them to concentrate so I can easily skip this kind of people by skipping the entire neighborhood in my leisure times. That's why I love Barra so much!!! Cheers.

Posted: 18:57 - July 01, 2012  by: Bruno

"Best time in Barra"

I have lived in Barra two years and its fantastic..........I spent one year in Leblon and Ipanema but I wouldnt move back there if you gave me one million dollars.......Barra is stunning,friendly,relaxing,tropical with really wonderful people.......dont be put off by ignorant tourists or JEALOUS Brazillians who cant afford to live in Barra and try and make themselves feel better by pretending the old slum areas are better.

Posted: 18:56 - July 01, 2012  by: Phil

"Very Good"

I live in NJ,USA. But, I love Barra. If I move to Brazil again. I'll live in Barra for sure. My parents live in Botafogo, but when I go to Rio, I always go to the beach in Barra. Since I was young, I love to go to that beachand clubing too. there's some nice ones over there. Basically, the beaches I used to go were ipanema and barra. Clubs are in ipanema and Barra as well. So, you should stay in ipanema or Barra. That's the cool part in Rio now. avoid copacabana 100%! My father bought a penthouse in Barrabella and we're renting it temporarily . If you want more info about the place. write me at at_rio@yahoo.com thanks! any advice about Barra,write me too ;)

Posted: 18:55 - July 01, 2012  by: gisele soares


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