Sugar Loaf Mountain

“Go 2hrs early for sunset”

We visited in May in the middle of the week and hoped to get some sunset pictures. We had to wait in line for about 75 minutes (the cash line seemed to move a bit faster than the credit line) and had to run through the first stop in hopes of getting to the top for the sunset. Because of the long wait times, we didn't get to see much before dark so I wish we had gone earlier than 90 minutes before sunset. After the sun set, everyone left at the same time so there was another wait of about 30 minutes before we could get on the tram. I was surprised that in May the sun sets fast so you only get about 5-10 minutes of sunset so you should plan to be in place if you want pictures. The views were amazing, but I spent way more time standing in line than actually seeing anything. Maybe a different time of day would be better.

Posted: 18:52 - July 01, 2012  by: ethixtravels

“You are stupid if you don't go !”

This is one of the attraction that you have to do before you die. It's not just about the view, but the Sugar Loaf has been one of the world landmark that you HAVE to do if you are nearby. If you are unlucky like us you might have to queue for ages, but it's all worth it... and that comes from someone who HATES queuing. If it's more than two of you just split. While one gets the tickets, the other can queue. I know it makes sense but I have seen a lot of groups coming back and forth during the 90 minutes of wait to board. If you are looking for the toilets, while you have your ticket, just go at the front of the queue and ask for the toilets. They'll let you go through, it's after the stairs on the boarding level. Once at the first floor, you have the chance to get an helicopter from £60 (7-8minutes around the Corcovado) if the weather is good. Just do it! Plan it in your budget, it's something magical ! You need to be 3 persons minimum (from the signs outside, but I saw couples going in and out of it while queuing to go back down) There are more routes at different price, but if you never jumped into one of those birds it's time to do it ! On that floor you can also have a bite in the food concourse, go for a walk in the tiny forest and there's also a tiny museum that explain you all the facts about the Sugar Loaf, it's free so there's no reason for you not to go... On the second and last floor, there's a little forest full of monkeys like on the first floor and a food concourse too. If you plan your visit, make sure that ou allow enough time for the queuing that is a big part of the whole experience, but again it's worth it !

Posted: 18:51 - July 01, 2012  by: jingeos

“Awesome views”

I went there later in afternoon, like 5...the lines we'rent bad to go up (like 20mins). Once I was up there, the lines were terrible to get back down so I waited until it got dark and it was great as I got to take awesome pictures of Rio at night.

Posted: 18:49 - July 01, 2012  by: Elvira E

“I don't like tourist attractions....but this one rules!”

I normally don't do the touristy attractions, but Sugar Loaf was awesome. I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did. The rides up the mountains were amazing and the view is the best, hands down. If you are lucky you can even catch a few tiny monkeys wondering about. It's one of those things that as a local, I would do with guests...

Posted: 18:48 - July 01, 2012  by: BaronessEast

“Spectacular view”

We did feel Sugarloaf lived up to the hype and was worth the price. The cable car ride is fun, you traverse it in two sections and there are plenty of vantage points (as well as concessions) at both stops. I felt the view from Corcovado was more stunning but I am definitely glad I did both, as the views are different and both are fantastic. Go on a clear day.

Posted: 18:47 - July 01, 2012  by: rimerstar6


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