Angra dos Reis

Angra dos Reis
Few years after Brazil was officially discovered, the Portuguese Crown sent another naval fleet commanded by the navigator Gaspar de Lemos to explore the new land. After navigating all over the Brazilian coast the colonizers stopped in a big bay area with green and calm waters, full of small islands and surrounded by mountain range covered by a rich and wonderful forest. Because it was Kings’ Day, they called that place Angra dos Reis ("Kings' Creek").
The history says they stopped there because of its strategic geographic location, but everybody agrees that the beauty of that region was a one good point in favor of that decision. 
By that time local activities were mainly related to fishing, hunting and subsistence agriculture. Ilha Grande (Big Island), where the primitive village was raised, was a vast virgin forest, abounded in noble wood and inhabited by Tamoios and Tupinambás Indians. The following years were very rich because Angra was used as the port to send the gold extracted in Minas Gerais and the coffee cultivated in Săo Paulo to Europe. After the declining of the gold and coffee cycles, the region was forgotten, what helped to preserve its nature. 
Five hundred years after the first ship landed, Angra dos Reis became one of the most charm and famous places of Brazil. Angra’s magnificent nature, with its 365 islands, one for each day of the year, and innumerous beaches attract tourist from all part of the world looking for peace, good weather and contact with nature. The green waters and dense forest found by the initial explorers are now a refugee of tourists and wealthy people who have elected Angra as their vacation destination.
Recently Angra was discovered by for sports’ lovers, as skiing, fishing and specially diving. Angra is considered one of the best places in the Brazil for diving, with tens of shipwrecks and rich sea life. 
Brazilians like to make jokes about the intelligence of Portuguese. After visiting Angra, you will realize that Portuguese are more intelligent than we thought…
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