Cristo Redentor

Cristo Redentor
Imagine that! A hug of 30 meters from christ the redeemer?
It’s frequently said that God is brazilian. The real truth is unknown, but at least a piece of him is in the Rio de Janeiro statue, christ the redeemer, or in portugese, Christ o Redentor. Towering above the marvelous city with open arms for, giving it forever a permanent hug. From one hand to the other, measuring almost 30 meters. 
Since it was placed on top the 2,300-ft peak of Corcovado mountain in 1931, this figure has been one of the most famous symbols of Rio. It stands 100 ft tall on a 20-ft pedestal, weighs 700 tons, and is visible night and day from most of the city's neighborhoods. 
On top of Corcovado Mountain, immortalized in corcovado song by João Gilberto, a penitent Christ the Redeemer opens his arms to all of Rio de Janeiro. The left arm points to the Rio de Janeiro's north zone (zona norte), the right to the south zone (zona sul), while the saintly perch offers spectacular views of Ipanema, the Maracana soccer stadium and the Serra do Órgãos mountain range.
How to get there? You have to get there! There simply is no excuse not to visit Christ the Redeemer once you are in Rio. 
This is what you do; you need to go to the Cosme Velho District, or more specifically Rua Cosme Velho 513. This is where you buy tickets for the small red train that goes uphill. You could also get a taxi all the way to the top, but with the train you get to enjoy the steep tour through the Atlantic Rainforest up to the foot of the statue, offering stunning glimpses of Rio from many different angles.
The cogwheel train leaves every 30 minutes on a 17-minute ride that is almost straight up. At the top be prepared to climb a number of stairs to get to the base of the statue. 
Although from the top,when you finally get there, the view is nothing short of heavenly: Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Botanical Gardens, the Jockey Club, and the Lagoon. The entire city spreads out in a magnificent panorama during the day, glittering and magic after dark and always protected by christ the redeemer, who blesses visitors and residents from on high.
After have visited christ the redeemer, some words should be spent on explaining the taxi situation waiting for you down at the train station. You’ll find a chaos of taxi drivers who offers to give you the “best price” for other tourist attractions, or who wants to give you a lift back to the hotel. My advice is to just say politely no and walk a couple of blocks towards the city. There you can easily pick up a taxi without getting fooled. 
I know, I know, it’s not expensive either way to take a cab in Brazil, but it’s about the principals. Why get cheated when you don’t have to? Then it’s better to give a little extra tip in my opinion, rewarding honesty. 
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