The sugar Loaf is a green, unearthly peak rising over the marvellous city,and one of the biggest Tourist Attractions in Rio De Janerio Brazil !! 
Experience an iconic locale for a bird's eye view from Copacabana beach to Corcovado Mountain, as well as an equatorial Rio de Janeiro sunset. The panoramic trip to Pão d'Açucar, or Sugarloaf, the soaring 1,300-ft granite block standing at the mouth of Guanabara Bay, is not to be missed. Italian-made bubble cars holding 75 passengers each move up the mountain in two stages, the first stopping at the Morro da Urca, a smaller mountain in front of Sugarloaf, and the second continuing on to the summit, each stage taking three minutes.
At nighttime you can also come to the sugar loaf for a night of samba!! 
Recently they made a place for shows with many bands frequently visiting on top of the sugar loaf. For those who want to rock a little bit more there is also a hip, but expencive, nightclub here called 'Projeto Noites Cariocas' . 
'Noite' is slang for party in portuguese. You will often hear Brazilians say,'vamos pra Noite', which is something like let's go to the party ot let's go out. You will soon find out that the cariocas (inhabitants born and raised in Rio) are quite fond of festivities !! (The brazilian carnival isn't famous for nothing ;) 
If anything, you should take a look at the sunset from the biggest of Tourist Attractions in Rio De Janerio Brazil, the Sugarloaf ( Pao de Acucar, in portuguese).
Le bateau Calypso baie d'halong est un navire luxueux qui navigue dans les plus belles zones dans la baie