Food In Barra

Food In Barra
What can you say about food in Barra De Tijuca. Well when I first arrived here I was amazed by all the fantastic fruit juices, savoury meat and tasty caipirinhas. On the other hand it was a great disappointment to realize how bland and uninteresting the regular food was; The love for oil, fat and sugar was also a downer. After a good few years living with food in Rio I´m now going to explain to you what I like here. The focus is not upon what I don´t like although quite a lot is not to my taste.
In order to be able to explain it better for you I have sub sections. Just click on the links below and it will take you to another page that is about that subject. To start with I have written about The Brazilian Barbeque and Other Traditional Food , here you can read all about beans, dried cod and the Brazilian barbeque, there is also some restaurant recommendations. One of the real highlights are all the Rio Fruits and Juices , the variety is awesome. Next is Caipirinha and Other Drinks in Rio where you have everything from caipirinha recipes to wine and beer. Many people I know have asked for Organic and Vegetarian Restaurants so I put that together. The aspect of natural medicine is very intersting and especially in Brazil where you have such a varied plant life. In Acai & Guarana: Brazilian Natural Medicine I have put together a list where different fruits, vegetables and herbs are listed with their known medical effects. Do you want to eat some Thai or Indian food? Go to International Food and I have a few restaurant recommendations as well as tips on where to get exotic spices and ingredients. I have already written a section about Fruit Markets in Rio where you have info about the different fruit, vegetable and farmers markets around town. In Alcohol & Cigars in Rio section you have some useful info on where the best shops are.
I really would appreciate some nice tips from you, just write to me using the "Contact Me" button on the left. I really do like cooking and food so this is one of my favourite subjects, I hope you did enjoy the content.

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