Brazilians know how to party and the Cariocas (Rio's residents) are no exception. Whether it is a post-soccer beer at a beach kiosk, an evening's entertainment at a live music venue or a cocktail at one of the growing number of chic bars and clubs, a night out in Rio is to be savoured and enjoyed. 
All areas have popular bars and clubs but the beach communities of Copacabana, Ipanema and Leblon are particularly good for a night out. Club entry fees often include a card, onto which drink consumption is recorded - a minimum purchase is usually required. It is essential to keep hold of this card or face a forfeit charge, which can be much more than the average drinker could possibly consume.
Rio is also a highly cultured city. The young and curious population and rich ethnic mix has given shape to all forms of artistic expression, which is evident in the music, dance and lifestyle of the Cariocas, especially during carnival time. There are many cultural centres, art galleries and performance venues in Rio, hosting an ever-changing series of events.
Veja ( provides excellent online entertainment listings, in Portuguese only. Cultural listings can be found in the Rio Show magazine, published in the Friday edition of the O Globo newspaper ( Tickets are available from the venue box offices and, for some events, through Ticketmaster (tel: (11) 6846 6000

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