Downtown Of Barra da Tijuca

Downtown Of Barra da Tijuca
The first megamall is not so much a mall as a gated commercial village, with yellow and orange Disneylandesque buildings. The only serious feature is the cinema, which is always packed at the weekends.
There are hundreds of little shops crowded around the village, few of them practical. You'll find lots of arty crafty places, small cafes, and hair salons. There's a large restaurant opposite the cinema called Gourmet, which is an all-you-can-eat buffet place. It's nicely done, and astonishingly cheap for what it is (as is everything in Brazil, except technology) - about USD10 per head. Downtown (it's not 'down' any town - it's called 'Downtown') also features lots of 'LAN' shops, which are basically internet cafes which cater to gamers. The computers are top notch, complete with headsets, and they have all the latest multiplayer games, and of course, are very cheap. Maybe USD5 for several hours?

During the day, Downtown is often deserted, but at night, it comes to life. I went there a few weekends ago, and there were some performance artist people abseiling down a building, stopping, and dancing on the wall, sideways. No charge, just wander past. What few bars and restaurants there are have live music seemingly most nights. The cinema is probably the only thing that makes money, but it draws huge crowds. Finally, there is a hairdresser there called Claudio Miguel, in a salon of the same name, who speaks English, which might be essential if you have complicated hair. He says his dream is to travel to London to go to one of the world famous schools of hair. I doubt there's anything the Brits could teach him.
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