Food In Barra da Tijuca

Food In Barra da Tijuca
A word about food in Brazil: I'm not impressed, and I think I know why: it's the milk. Now, I'm predisposed to hating milk, since I can't drink it on its own without thinking of words like udders and squeeze and curdle, but the milk in Brazil is of a particularly foul nature, and this corrupts the whole dairy food chain.
Chocolate is mostly milk, so Brazilian chocolate is nasty. In fact, sweet things here generally just taste of sugar and nothing else. Cheese, being in itself just rotten milk, is not as bad as you might imagine. Marilia cheese is about as close to Cheddar as you can get, and thus quite nice. Doce de leite, a milk byproduct in the same way radioactive waste is a fission byproduct, tastes like a cross between milk, sugar, toffee and sugar. It is tolerable when hidden in other foodstuffs. Brazilians drink their coffee black. They must wonder why anyone would want to add milk.

There is a single exception to the Brazilian Milk Foulness Theorem: a small shop in Ipanema called Torta Torta (in Rua Vinicius de Moraes). They sell a cake called torta alemao which is the human race's finest achievement in the field of cake making. They must import the cream.

Japanese food is popular in Brazil. People talk about Japanese and German people immigrating after WWII... The best type of sushi is the Hot Philadelphia, which is rice, salmon, and cream cheese (hence the name), wrapped in seaweed and deep fried. Yes, deep fried sushi! The best incarnation of these can be found in Take in Sao Conrado.
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