French experts help develop Sapa tourism site

French experts help develop Sapa tourism site
Since 2002, experts from Aquitaine have helped Lao Cai to complete a development scheme for Sa Pa tourism town, including an architectural design and managerial regulations for the well-known resort locality.
Aquitaine has also helped Lao Cai devise a provincial tourism development scheme for the 2005-2010 period with a vision till 2020.

In addition, the French experts completed detailed designs for Sa Pa’s tourism resort and museum and helped print books and launch a website on Sa Pa trekking in both English and French.

In 2004, 53 botanical species that Aquitaine provided to Lao Cai, four out of 14 grape species have been selected for long-term growing. Every year, Aquitaine also sent experts to Lao Cai to directly help in cultivation technique.

From now until 2012, Aquitaine will continue helping to expand Sa Pa town and the acreage of grape and other fruit trees from temperate zone as well as introduce Lao Cai to tourists from France and other EU member countries and help increase the capacity of the Lao Cai Provincial Tourism Information Centre’s operation.

Furthermore, Aquitaine will introduce Lao Cai potential and strengths to its businesses in order to help them implement foreign direct investment projects in the province, particularly a project on combining tourism and grape and fruit cultivation and processing in Sa Pa District and the other on fresh fruit cultivation and processing in Bac Ha District.

Each year, Aquitaine will provide two or three scholarships in tourism management, grape cultivation and grape wine processing to Lao Cai students. It will also send trainees to practise in tourism, hotels, and culture conservation in the province.

Both sides also agreed to cooperate in personnel training for managing and exploiting the Hoang Lien National Park.
Source: VNA