Six-Star Hotel in Brazil

Six-Star Hotel in Brazil
GRAMADO, Brazil – Gramado, a small tourist town in the Southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, is home to the only six-star hotel in Brazil. Resembling a European castle and operating since 2010, the Hotel Saint Andrews exudes luxury.
Six-Star Hotel in Brazil

With 11 suites and 24-hour butler service, the grand Hotel Saint Andrews is an option for those who wish to relax and can afford to pay between U.S. $750 and $1,800 dollars per night.

From the moment you enter the Hotel Saint Andrews, every corner of the lobby draws your eyes. From the smartly dressed servants who opened the door to the freshly cut flowers, your senses engaged. Wallpaper and curtains imported from England and a 36-armed crystal chandelier from the Czech Republic – one of 35 that the prestigious property owns – all compete for your attention. The style is that of a royal palace.

Furnished throughout with antiques, or reproductions of pieces made in the fifteenth through eighteenth centuries, the property includes a beautiful library featuring art books. Castles of the Saint Andrews region of Scotland inspired the 20,000 square-foot building. One modern touch: the ecological fireplaces do not need wood.

Only the finest china and crystal furnish the dining room. Each table outfitted with a handmade bell, each with a unique sound, so that the stewards always know who is calling.

A couple of gaucho entrepreneurs constructed the building, which was to become the Hotel Saint Andrews, in 2001. They used it as a winter home until 2004, then closed it up. Seeing the property’s potential, a tourism industry executive bought the property in 2009 and invested U.S. $5 million dollars to develop the six-star hotel.

In addition to the luxury inside the building, there are gardens full of fountains. Also, a space reserved for couples who want a beautiful outdoor wedding.

Six-Star Hotel in Brazil

The Hotel Saint Andrews has 11 suites, named after stones, such as onyx and jade. The suites cost between U.S. $750 and $1,800 dollars per night. The most expensive is 1,200 square feet. Children are not encouraged to stay – the minimum age is 14. According to the owners, the building’s large windows which open, and the fountains dotting the property, present a danger for children.

In the guest suites, the classic style contrasts with technology. Designers incorporated Flat-screen LED televisions into the decor with a frame, like a picture. “While you think and older home, it is in the future. It is a timeless space,” the hospitality manager, Miguel Becker, told Roberta Salinet from RBS TV.

Chef Mariana Fontes leads the kitchen team, who cater to all the guests’ desires. Meals are even more delectable when paired with wines from the cellar, in the former garage. There you can taste wines that are among the very best in the world, all stored and served at proper temperature.

“This part of the cellar is temperature controlled naturally. Back here is a granite rock, the foundation. This stone’s constant temperature is 64 degrees F, creating the perfect temperature to store wine throughout the year,” explained sommelier Gustavo Bertolucci.

The suites have a balcony with a table for tea, and exquisite sweets personalized with the name of the hotel. The view is of the Quilombo Valley. Despite the beauty of the place, what sets it apart from other properties is the tranquility. “Our guests are customers who need a quiet place with comfort, to be pampered,” says general manager Umberto Bel Tramea.
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